AQUA started as an ambitious idea to promoting the economy and foot traffic in
up-and-coming neighborhoods. As the business flourish our efforts has been successfully supported by the same community we love, and it has been a wonderful journey as we strive to provide the highest level
of service to our supporters.
* * *
Blooming in the in the harsh conditions of rocky hills, Lilac flowers are beautiful and fragrant; a perfect symbol for New York dwellers who faces and overcomes challenges everyday.


Tanja Kasper

Fitness & Ernährungs Coach

Ich bin Tanja, 51 Jahre alt und Fitness- & Ernährungs Coach! Ich bin genauso wie ihr, und bin genau den gleich Weg gegangen. Aber ich hab mich entschlossen, mich ausbilden zu lassen und all das Wissen mit Euch zu teilen und Euch zu unterstützen! 😉

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